Canal House Cooking Summer

Written by: Christoper Hirsheimer

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  • Author: Christoper Hirsheimer
  • Date Published:
  • Publisher: Canal House
  • Page Count: 122
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    • Hard Cover
  • ISBN-10: 0692003177
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692003176


This is a collection of some our favorite summer recipes, ones we cook for ourselves all through the long lazy months. We make jarfuls of teriyaki sauce for slathering on chicken. We love to cook big paellas outdoors over a fire for a crowd of friends. We are crazy for ripe melons in late summer. And we churn tubs of ice cream for our families. We are home cooks writing about home cooking for other home cooks. Our recipes are easy to prepare, and completely doable for the novice and experienced cook alike.

About the Author:

Canal House is more than just Christopher Hirsheimer and Melissa Hamilton's studio--it's their workshop, dining room, office, kitchen, lair, lab, and atelier devoted to good ideas and good work relating to the world of food. The duo writes, photographs, designs, and paints, but in their hearts, they both think of themselves as cooks first.